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Working at Height Training

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Falls from height are one of the most common forms of accident at work, comprising nearly 20% of all workplace injuries. Every year, falls result in around 5000 cases of major injury and about 80 fatalities, usually from heights above two metres. The construction industry alone accounts for half of these incidents. It is estimated that the annual cost to society of accidents caused by falls is in the region of more than 300 million pounds, primarily in terms of personal suffering, but also including medical costs, costs to employers, lost output and damage to equipment.

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As part of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (that came into effect on 6 April 2005), those involved in work at height must be competent. Height safety training, in common with all other training, is dependent upon the quality of the training provider, the syllabus to be delivered and the way in which it is delivered.

At NewGrange Training our delivery of height safety training is carried out in accordance with the recognised standard BS 8454:2006, Code of Practice for the Delivery of Training & Education for Work at Height & Rescue.

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Working at Height Training Courses include:

Safe Use of Ladders

Height Safety Awareness

Working At Heights using Ladders & Safety Inspection

Mobile Elevated Working Platforms

Aluminium/Alloy Towers

Fall Rescue Kit Safety Awareness

Harness Inspection Safety Awareness

Rescue at Height

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Scaffold Safety & Inspection

Scaffold Awareness

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