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PMI Software has been established since 1987 and is part of the Project Management Group (PM), the largest Irish owned Engineering and Technical Services company employing more than 1300 people. PMI Software currently provides IT services to over 400 clients in both the public and private sector.
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Quality & Auditing Training
Maintenance Software • Facilities Management • Permit to Work Software • Risk Assessment Software • Contractor Management

Permit to Work Software

A simple but powerful software tool designed to protect you and your company against hazardous activities. The Pemac Permit to Work system is used in the issue of permits, defining hazards, instigating control measures and assigning responsibility at all stages.

Protects through consistency.

Key Benefits
• A highly visible way to control and track the issue of all permits from initial risk assessment through to issue and return
• A consistent way to ensure that all permits are issued in a systematic way
• Ensures visibility of work across shifts
• Ensures that all permits are returned on time and that no 'out of date' activity is lost
• Ensure that all hazardous work is controlled using predefined agreed control measures

Key Features:
The PEMAC Permit to Work System is a highly configurable system flexible enough to fit how your organisation works.

The System Allows:

• Definition of workflow for all permits including request, issue and return
• Independent workflows available for different permits
• Ability to Link Multiple Permits
• Physical and Electrical Isolation points
• Ability to Audit all Permits
• Key safe Management
• Permits include General Permit to Work, Hot Work, Confined Space, Electrical & Physical Isolation, Contractor Entry & Excavation.
• Links to External systems including CMMS systems.

Key Factors for Success
A Safety Culture
A Consistent Approach

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Noise Training & Noise Surveys Noise Training & Surveys
Fire Training Courses and Fire Risk Assessments Fire Training & Risk Assessments
first aid First Aid Training


Risk Assessment Software

This module allows you to create Risk Assessments, identify hazards and implement control measures to mitigate risk. Valuable Risk Assessments information can be shared information across your company through a simple Web based interface along with email notification prompting renewal of your Risk Assessments.

Key Benefits

• Share Risk Assessment Knowledge throughout your organisation
• Link Risk Assessments to Your Training plan
• Identify High Risk Equipment and Work
• Create a Library of Control Measures to help reduce Risks

Key Features
• Control your Risk Assessments Activity in a Central Location
• Identify and Scores Hazards
• Apply necessary Control Measures in a consistent way
• Control Remedial Action Follow-up
• Identify High Risk Equipment
• Identify Necessary Training for Personnel
• Configure a Full Risk Matrix relevant to your company
• Automatic Renewal Notification for Risk Assessments
• Full Audit Trail of All Updates to Risk Assessments

Key Factors for Success
• A system owner responsible for the System
• Adoption of system by the Key Departments including Safety, Production & Maintenance
• Management buy-in
• An Implementation Approach

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Contractor Management

This Simple Web based system is designed to monitor and control contractor access to your site along with providing an individual skills matrix for all site attendees.

The system allows you to create a central location to store contractor information while allowing anyone on site to access the information in an easy to use Web Based System.

Key Benefits
• Simply and easily manage contractor entry in one system protecting your company and your colleagues
• Quickly search for approved contractors by service or skill
• Control the induction process along with automatic prompts for renewal
• Highlight under performance and ensure corrective action
• Improve the service you receive by managing method statements
• Gain a clear visibility on site entry and exit

Key Features
• Define Entry Requirements for Contractors to your Site
• Specify Contractor Company Obligations
• Ensure Compliance with Health and Safety or Financial Requirements
• Control the Skills and Training Details for Contractor Personnel
• Control Visitor Entry on site with Visitor Management
• Automatically Notify Contractor Owners of Non-Compliance of Site Regulations via email
• Search for Suitable Contractors by Skill Set

Key Factors for Success
• Contractor Owners
• Adoption of system by the Entire Company
• Management buy-in

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Maintenance Software

A powerful but simple maintenance management system empowering Maintenance & Engineering Departments to manage their key functions and drive value for their business. The PEMAC maintenance system allows you to protect your investment in assets and equipment. The system helps companies to manage maintenance, reduce downtime, control maintenance costs and minimise the investment in engineering spare parts. PEMAC often becomes the showcase for maintenance departments during client and regulatory audits the system allows you to get full visibility and traceability on all engineering and maintenance activities.

Key Benefits
• Simply and Easily manage both planned and unplanned maintenance PEMAC for both internal personnel and contractors
• Improve your understanding of your equipment behaviour, monitor recurring problems and costs
• Gain a clear visibility on workload through effective resource planning
• Analyse maintenance effectiveness through KPI Reporting
• Prioritise Maintenance activities through a simple graphic interface that highlights essential work
• Create a knowledge base to identify recurring problems with equipment and to reduce time to repair
• Reduce downtime through effective analysis of problems through a simple but powerful root cause analysis tool
• Manage your investment in engineering spares using PEMAC’s Multi-store functionality
• Improved information quality with key information captured during fault resolution
• Extend the life of assets through the effective management of preventative maintenance
• Provide a unique historical record for all assets for both client and regulatory audits

Key Features:
• Full Asset Register storing key equipment information
• Control Preventative Maintenance using both time and usage based intervals
• Create planned and unplanned work and distribute work through a simple interface
• Record completion of work along with time taken, downtime and defect causes
• Create follow-up work orders to ensure that no activity is forgotten.
• Root Cause Analysis during Close Out
• Fully Configurable System designed to meet your company’s unique requirements
• Downtime Analysis Reporting
• Fault Analysis Reporting
• Management Reporting Suite allowing interrogation of data

Key Factors for Success
• A system owner responsible for the Maintenance System
• Adoption of system by the Maintenance Department
• Management buy-in
• An Implementation Approach

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Facilities Management

Imagine a blue chip Commercial Bank in London's Canary Warf. With 6000 people working in one building a system is required to manage their requests, from problems with an air conditioning unit to a broken hair dryer in the company's gym. Room Booking, Contractor Entry, Risk Assessment and Visitor management are issues to be resolved.

In addition the company's trading floor is of paramount importance. A Permit to Work system is in place to control all hazardous work which might impact on the floor. Downtime here can cost millions of pounds in minutes.

What kind of systems would you have in place?
• Facilities Management
• Web Helpdesk System
• Contractor Management
• Room Booking

Key Features:
• A Full Asset Register storing key equipment information including warranty information
• Control Preventative Maintenance using both time and usage based intervals
• Manage the scheduling of contractors on site
• Manage Room Bookings including catering & IT request
• PEMAC FM allows you to manage facilities maintenance for one location or many
• A full suite of Management Reports allows you to manage costs, highlight activities and monitor feedback

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Mobile Solutions - PMI MOBILE - Paperless Maintenance

Information empowers decisions. Mobile solutions allow people on the move to know more and make better decisions.

Handheld technology
Maintenance Solutions
Stores Control Solutions

Key Benefits:
Reduced Administration saves time and increases the likelihood that valuable information will be captured.

Key Features:
• Bar-coding
• Web Based Solutions

Helpdesk Solutions

A Web based solution that removes complexity by simplifying the maintenance workflow. With the ability to create and manage requests from any location this multi-site system reduces administration and improves communication between you and your client.

Key Benefits
• Reduced administration by encouraging requestors to input their requests on-line.
• Automatic email alerts update your client as you process work without any extra effort
• Clear visibility to your requestor reduces time spent updating them
• Improved Visibility on unplanned work
• Improved Reporting Capability by capturing requests in a consistent way
• Improved response to requests and reported downtime.
• Improved information quality with key information captured during fault resolution.

Key Features:
• Create & Manage Work on-line
• Assign Work on-line with automatic email and text alerts
• Close Off Work on-line including logging time taken, spares used and reason for defect
• Root Cause Analysis during Close Out
• Downtime Analysis

Key Factors for Success
• A Consistent Approach to dealing with Work Requests

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